Cox received Lifka

Cox received Lifka

Underground Spirit Award assigned to directorial duet Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel

At the Summer Stage in Palić last night Brian Cox received Aleksandar Lifka Award and Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel received Underground Spirit Award. Jubilee silver coins were handed to Serbian filmmakers.

Director of the Festival Radoslav Zelenović underlined that since 2000 when the Lifka Award was established for the contribution to the European cinema, audience has had a chance to greet some of the most significant film artists of our era.

“With a great professional and personal pleasure, I hand the award to the 36th laureate, exceptional actor who from 1971 and the role of Leon Trotsky to 2017 and the role of Churchill, on film and TV, played more than 200 roles”, said him.

Thanking for the prize Brian Cox noticed that “it’s hard for an actor to recognize effect of his work, and what it means to others”.

“We know what critics say, we know professionals’ opinion, but what matters is what effect it has in cinemas. In that sense, receiving the award named after great cinema pioneer, means recognition of a career”, said Cox, whose work was presented in excerpts from films MANHUNTER, ESCAPIST, KORIOLANUS and CHURCHILL.

Programmer Neil Young handed Underground Spirit Award, stating that Italian director and writer Tizza Covi and Austrian director and photographer Rainer Frimmel, who has worked together since 1996, contributed European cinema a lot.

“They make films in a unique and direct way, succeeding to reach universal truths, to speak in the spirit of humanism and righteousness, we need very much at the moment all across the Europe”, said Young.

Frimmel thanked for the Award, wonderful reception at the Palić Festival, and to all festivals, people who organize them and audiences who follow them because “in times when arthouse cinemas disappear, festivals make independent films visible”.

Covi noticed that life of an independent film authors can be beautiful, but also hard.

“This is why I express my gratitude to Palić Festival for this Award that encourages us to keep on working. I also thank to our protagonists since they make our films by their stories, realities, humanity and empathy, all those valuable things that, as Neil Young said, are slowly disappearing from our world”, said Covi.

On the occasion of the EFF 25 jubilee, Open University director Ilija Tatić handed silver coins for the contribution to the Festival, to: Radoslav Zelenović, program director Miroslav Mogorović, former programmer Borislav Anđelić and directors Sabolč Tolnai and Želimir Žilnik.