Teodor Khun about greatest event in the history of modern Slovakia

26 European Film Festival Palić

Teodor Khun about the greatest event in the history of modern Slovakia

Among films presented during the fifth night of the Festival, on Wednesday, July 24, in Official Selection, were films which directors are the Festival guests – Macedonian GOD EXISTS HIS NAME IS PETRUNYA by Teona Strugar Mitevska and Hungarian TREZOR by Peter Bergendy. Parallels and Encounters presented SCANDINAVIAN SILENCE (Martti Helde) and IRINA by Nadejda Koseva whose protagonist Martina Apostolova is also Festival’s guest.
Yaron Shani, Israeli director of CHAINED, presented within Official selection, said at the press conference that through the story about a policeman who experiences marriage and job crisis, he wanted to examine the nature of love, as a central theme of the trilogy, the film is a part of:
• “I am not speaking about romantic love we usually think of, but about its complicated nature that emerges from a deep connection to a person. When there is such a connection, when you are intimate with someone, sometimes a negative aspect comes out of it and you become addicted to that person, which can be dangerous.”
Shani added that he likes to look at life through reality and not trough imagination, and this was the reason the main protagonist in the film is played by a professional policeman and not by a professional actor:
• “To be a policeman based on a scenario is not the same as to be a real policeman. I wanted to see a real policeman and my concept of a policeman because his attitude is more personal and much stronger of what I can imagine.”
Program Parallels and Encounters presented Slovak film by Teodor Khun by a sharp knife about a case of a murdered student by neo-Nazis, which was never solved due to a lack of evidence. The director said that, as a victim’s peer, he was very shaken and because of that he decided to make a film:
• “In 2005 I was a skateboarder and often had encounters with neo-Nazis. Sometimes I was in conflict with them but I always managed to escape. When the murder happened, it shook and changed the whole generation because we saw that it was not only about to fight but about the possibility to lose your life in Bratislava. This event held me under the impression for a long time, and after I completed my acting studies, I wanted a theme for my first film to be this greatest event in the history of modern Slovakia.”
Part of the Young Spirit of Europe program was (S8) Festival selection from the La Coruña, Spain, that gathers most exciting avant-garde films, with the accent on extended cinema in all its forms. The fact that there was no such festival in Spain, motivated Angel Rueda and Ana Maria Dominguez, the organizers of the Festival, to fill in that gap with (S8):

• “By this Festival we want to enable cineastes to show themselves, and to give them a space for their works. Our festival supports analog film because we think that artists should learn a new way of making films by the use of old materials. Although we live in times when many think that film is dying, we believe that it is only transforming, and the power of transformation is in the hands of authors.”

Ana Maria Dominguez the Festival organizer said that she is proud of the fact that after 10 years Festival has its audience composed of young people from all around the world:

• “In spite of the financial difficulties, the Festival exists for 10 years. During this period we created our own audience that comes to La Coruña from all parts of Spain, Europe, and the world. Also, we are especially happy since there are more and more local spectators, and the majority in the audience are young people. “

The video picks from all the happenings at the Festival as well as press conferences you can download from Infobiro: http://www.infobiro.tv/