Palić in Belgrade

As last 4 years, Belgrade audience will be able to see an interesting choice of films from Official Selection, Parallels and Encounters, Young Spirit of Europe, New Hungarian Film and Croatia in Focus, programmes simultaneously with this year’s European Film Festival Palić.

Programme Palić in Belgrade starts today from 17 h with 50 More Minutes documentary that reveals the journey of the Hungarian national football team on their quest to qualify for the 2016 European Championship…

Screenings timetable (Fontana cinema, New Belgrade, ticket price – 200 dinars)

Monday 17 July,

17h – 50 MORE MINUTES (Hungary, director: Muhi András Pires, programme: New Hungarian Film)

19h -STRANGLED (Hungary, director: Sopsits Árpád, programme: New Hungarian Film)


Tuesday 18 July,

17h – EASTERN BUSINESS (Romania, Lithuania, director: Igor Cobileanski, programme: Parallels and Encounters)

19h – THE LAST FAMILY (Poland, director: Jan P. Matuszyński, programme: Parallels and Encounters)


Wednesday 19 July

17h – MINISTRY OF LOVE (Croatia, director: Pavo Marinković, programme Croatia in Focus)

19h – NOVEMBER (Estonia, Poland, Netherlands, director: Rainer Sarnet, programme: Parallels and Encounters)


Thusrsday 20 July

17h – KING (Chile, France, Netherlands, Germany, Qatar , director: Niles Atallah, programme: Young Spirit of Europe)

19h – OUT (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, director: György Kristóf, programme: Parallels and Encounters)


Friday 21 July

17h – 1945 (Hungary, director: Török Ferenc, programme: Parallels and Encounters)

19h – PARK (Greece, Poland: Sofia Exarchou, programme: Official Selection)

24 European Film Festival Palić takes place from 15 to 21 July at wonderful natural environment by the Lake Palić and in Subotica.


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