manifestation with serious reputation in Europe and lack of understanding at home




At the first press conference since the opening of the 24 Festival guests were Slavko Štimac, Aleksandar Lifka Award laureate, Alexandra Borbely, lead role in On Body and Soul the Festival’s opening film, directors of the Festival Radoslav Zelenović, Miroslav Mogorović, Petar Mitrić and Nikolaj Nikitin, and Mario Kozina from Croatian Audiovisual Centre.


Maria couldn’t live in a world like this

We learned from Borbely, who is more often engaged in theatre and TV than on film, and who masterly played the role of a young woman with problems in communication and intimacy  which she tries to resolve after falling in love, that she got the role of psychologist at first.

She also surprised us revealing the fact that her partner in the film, fabulous Geza Morchanyi, is not professional actor – he is a translator, dramatist and publisher.

„I would like to be like Maria, but Maria couldn’t live in a world like this”, added Borbely. “She always openly says the truth.”

After Hungarian actress ended with applause Ivan Aranđelović, the moderator, called directors of the Festival.


We are a serious manifestation, with the serious reputation in Europe, and with lack of understanding at home

First to address the press was Radoslav Zelenović who spoke about successful opening ceremony and lack of understanding and support from state administration and institutions .

Programme director Miroslav Mogorović continued in a more optimistic manner saying that this year’s edition of the festival did not have problems with acquiring films and making programmes.

Croatia in Focus

After directors Aranđelović called Mario Kozina, who came to Palić from Croatian Audiovisual Centre to support Croatia in Focus programme, and asked him for the recipe for great bloom of Croatian cinema recently.

“The recipe is an attempt to organize cinema well that functions trough regular contests, co-productions filmed in Croatia, and great amount of talent currently present at Croatian film scene”, answered Kozina.