Film critics' workshop


PARALLELS AND ENCOUNTERS SCARY MOTHER Director: Ana Urushadze Georgia, 2017 NO COMPROMISE Self-reflection in art has been such an exploited theme in the past 200 years that we rarely believe something can surprise us anymore. We are completely accustomed to the artist’s attempts to view himself as an extraordinary, hypersensitive individual via his work. However, Scary Mother is a subversion of this trite, old method.


PARALLELS AND ENCOUNTERS THE DEAD NATION Director: Radu Jude Romania, 2017 UNMOVABLE IMAGES Romanian director Radu Jude has defined his work as a documentary essay on Jewish predicament during World War II. The premise of the film is pretty simple. Having acquired a rich archive of a small town photo studio, Jude combined photographs with the excerpts from the Jewish doctor and a Holocaust survivor


The film looks back to the classics of a horror of entrapment, such as The Thing by John Carpenter, which also has an industrial element and setting. In the case of Cutterhead the story takes place in a precarious work environment underground in Copenhagen, a city usually considered an idyllic space for many in Europe and further abroad who are in search of a better


Young Spirit of Europe IMPASSENGER Director: Ben Pointeker Austria, 2017 Deconstruction of narration Six-minute-long work by Austrian artist Ben Pointeker is a dream-like phantasy of a nonlinear structure that by its interactivity tries to awake layers buried deep under the spectator’s conscious limits. Fragments of reality that flashes over the screen are signifiers empty of content, which eventually leads us to the total deconstruction of


This is a very dark film, in which during the first section we see a young boy visit his father in jail, then his dog is killed, and then his family is killed by a racist mob. It is the genesis of something cruel stirring in the young boy, which is of course indebted to the cruel society that surrounds him. The interlocking stories and


Parallels and Encounters THE LINE Director: Peter Bebjak Slovakia, Ukraine, 2016 THE PEOPLE ON EDGE By toying with several possible meanings of the title, Peter Bebjak confronts the viewer with a number of questions, among which the most burning one is concerning relations between the physical and the mental lines/borders. While Slovakian borders are being erased on one end, they are being reinforced at the


Mladi duh Evrope / Young Spirit of Europe ARABIDA: POSTOJI SAMO JEDNA ZEMLJA / ARRABIDA: THERE IS ONLY ONE EARTH Director: Tinne Zenner Denmark, 2017. There is no Earth for us The author dissects the soil of Arrabida, one layer at a time using image and sound. From the lush vegetation, through rocky deposits, caves and sea, all the way to the 3D topographic image


Mladi duh Evrope / Young Spirit of Europe ALOGON Directors: Milan Milosavljević and Marko Kostić Serbia, 2017. A perfect hoax Alogon is an irrational presupposition. Alogon is also the thing which is not spoken about. What are we talking about when we are talking about the banking system? We are talking about an all-uniting factor of the contemporary society. Everything here is clear and obvious


U RATU Ubačeni smo direktno u sred radničke svađe, za pregovaračkim stolom, sa fabričkim radnicima sa jedne i korporativnim advokatima sa druge strane. Kamera registruje urgentnost situacije tehnikom dokumentarca iz ruke, naročito kada izađe napolje među radnike koji demonstriraju na ulicama. Kadrovi tada izgledaju još nestabilnije, na momente kao da će snimatelju izgubiti ravnotežu. Još


Parallels and Encounters HEAVY HEART / ŤAŽKÁ DUŠA Director: Marek Šulík Slovakia, 2017. Songs of death and leisure Marek Šulík’s documentary HEAVY HEART moves the elegiac world of ancient Romani ballads which bear witnesses of century’s long existence in time. The film originated from the research travels of ethnomusicologist Jana Belišova and it doesn’t pretend to be technically perfect. It plays at something else –