A cocktail party in celebration of Black Sea Focus film program will be held tonight at 7.30PM at Abazija cinema in Palić. Mirbala Salimli, the director of Azerbaijani film RED GARDEN, will be in attendance. The film selection, through which the audience is able to view films from the Black Sea region, is organized in cooperation with Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information – as a part of Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).

The coordinating activities of BSEC’s Cultural Workgroup have been handed over to Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information for the next 2 years. A workgroup’s strategy for 2017-2018 has been presented to the public. Its main goal will be the emphasis of role and influence of culture in member-countries and region through: promotion of BSEC region’s cultural diversity; support of mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue while respecting differences of cultural tradition and history of the Black Sea region; awareness of monument/natural and cultural heritage protection; inclusion of culture in other sectors and mutual questions and activities (cultural tourism, education, youth, technology, smart specialization, etc.) in and out of the region.

Mobility of member-countries’ artists and cultural professionals is encouraged as a part of cultural exchange and protection of cultural expression (festival invitations). The backbone of Serbia’s proposed plan is related to new activities, one of them being participation at film festivals and cooperation among national film centers.