Subotica is a town sprung up in the middle of the vast Pannonian Plain, on the brink between the infertile sands and fertile loessial plateau, between the large streams of the Danube and Tisa rivers. It has recently celebrated six centuries of its existence. From a fortress – which seems to have been its beginning, it has developed into a town with seven gates, open and spacious, lying flat in the plain, with its style and spirit grown together with the plain itself. It had the good fortune to become and remain the centre of one part of the Bačka region, to develop and get decorated with numerous valuable secession buildings. The most beautiful among them is the Town Hall, a masterpiece of secession architecture and applied art, one of the seven magnificent edifices in Serbia. From the Town Hall in Liberty Square, the town has radially expanded across the immense plain, all the way to ploughlands, pastures and forests.


Nearby Subotica, in harmony with the Pannonian landscape, nature has created and people of Subotica have preserved and developed Palić – the blue eye of the plain, the tear of the vanished Pannonian Sea, the kiss of Subotica, the mirror of the more beautiful side of Subotica…

Open, large, broad, good-natured, multilingual, multicultural Subotica has been welcoming and seeing off, giving and receiving, offering more than asking for, entertaining and looking forward to guests for centuries. This is the way its visitors see and love Subotica today.