ENVIRONMENTAL PANEL DISCUSSION: Protection of biodiversity of lakes Palic and Ludas – work in progress...

Citizens of Subotica are likely to be tired of guessing: when will swimming in Lake of Palic be safe again. They want to know in which faze is the project, supported by the German government with 6.5 million Euros, Protection of Biodiversity of Lakes Palic and Ludas now.

Finally, in September 2018, after almost three years of announcements and preparing activities, an Austrian consulting company was chosen to realize investment, a tender was announced for the construction of the sewage system and the supply line, the documentation for the protective zone and the construction of a hiking-biking route is being prepared, selective fish extraction is repeated… However, the public is poorly informed about this.

We need stronger public media campaign, and the panel discussion within ECO DOX program contributes to it since 2016 with its project Protection of Biodiversity of Lakes Palic and Ludas.

What is the present state of the investment we will learn on Panel discussion on Tuesday, 23 July 2019 at 11 am in Mala Gostiona in Palic.

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