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Open University Subotica is a leader in the fields of (non) formal education and culture in Serbia. One might say that this institution became a true brand in adult education.



Raising quality of life by promoting of the concept of new literacy and implementing innovative programs aiming at the social development.


Founded in the year 1953., as Workers University, from the start this institution gathered all of the institutions and programs for adult education in the town, region and country. In short period of time it achieved significant results by constant investments in contemporary teaching technology, curriculum, human potentials and, most of all, by using the newest andragogy methods in practice.

In the year 1975. this institution was named by Veljko Vlahović untill 1992., when it was transformed into Open University.


As a business system Open University is umbrella institution for programs and activities of Organic Food Association TERRA’S (with its business subjects OCS (Organic control System) and BIO-AG); Local Democracy Agency (LDA); Regional Centre for Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMER), Centre for multiculturalism (CM) and Junior Chamber International (JCI Subotica).
This system annually implements more than 100 programmes and projects that involve 2000 citizens on weekly basis.

One of the basic characteristics of this institution is intensive cooperation with numerous local and foreign partners. Through out cooperation and exchanges of experience with the top home and foreign institutions we can justify our motto Knowledge for Success and are always One Step Ahead.