Official selection

Summer stage

Palić Festival, according to its conception, tries to be a good reflection of what European cinema production offers annually, in different fields and sorts of cinematic work – from big feature productions, over small cinemas, to documentaries and short forms. As far as Official Selection is concerned, besides well-known, cardinal criteria of film selection, criteria that concern cinematic values of the film, there is always an aim to achieve a balance between renown film authors and new, young directors who show talent and promising art potential by their first films. It is an ideal film construction, very hard to achieve. Good news is that this year’s Official Selection almost totally reflects this program harmony. We have new films of some of the most significant European authors, films that marked last year’s European film production, and, consequently, were awarded at most prestigious international festivals. Those authors are legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, then double Golden Palm laureate Ken Loach and also double Golden Palm laureates, Belgian duet Dardenne brothers. The other side of the balance is new filmmakers from different parts of Europe, from France and Latvia to Slovenia and Serbia.

Inevitable journalists’ and audiences’ question before every festival edition is: what are films like, what are they about. Everyone will agree that the quality of the films is most important, but what are they about?

The answer is simple: European authors are open to problems and phenomena of actual life, especially young people’s life. So, the majority of films are somewhat engaged. Even when the film is a love story (like French WHO YOU THINK I AM) the plot drive is emotional relationship over Facebook, so, in the form of love drama, the author depicts contemporary communication phenomena, that slowly enter the sphere of human emotions.

Enjoy god and engaged European films.

programmer Nenad Dukić


The repetition is the next day after the screenings at the Eurocinema Cinema from 14h (the first film), from 12h (another film)