Young Spirit of Europe

Abazija cinema – outside

Anything goes — almost — in Young Spirit of Europe, a rambunctious grab-bag of genres, styles, formats, and attitudes which seeks to capture the cinematic cutting-edge of a continent in exciting political and artistic flux. Shown in nightly open-air 10 pm programs, the 39 films (leaving aside the Underground Spirit tribute to French maestro Jean-Charles Hue) range from two to 27 minutes. Many hail from the „avant-garde“ / experimental end of the spectrum — where the wild things are! 18 countries are represented this year, including trans-continental co-productions — look out for a Serbian-Brazilian collaboration which will be shot and edited entirely during the Festival and presented as a world premiere. Geographically Spain leads the way with 9 films — 7 of which will be presented during our unmissable tribute evening to the wonderful Galician event „(S8)“ which has taken place in the north-western port A Coruña for a decade. Inspired by the example of festivals like (S8), our five late-night showcases offer a unique, never-to-be-repeated week of satisfying sensory stimulation.

programmer Neil Young