Exibition: Small film - an educative programme

Mali film

SMALL FILM is an educative programme for youth and children from the age of 7 to 14, that aims to popularize art of film to the youngest audience. The idea of the project is to initialize creativity and curiosity, and first of all to form condition of possibility for critical approach towards audiovisual contents. Practical exercises trough which children autonomously come to conclusions are best way to imbibe and imply gained knowledge, while conceptualized and guided games transpose them from passive position to constructive thinking about film making. They are expected to start thinking about various phenomena, usually experienced without questioning, and this simplified analytical approach slowly leads to instinctive reactions on form and quality of certain material. Through interactive workshops children become authors of optic toys, original stories and short movies, and are spontaneously dragged into the world of motion pictures. Experiencing simplified processes of filmmaking in all its aspects, children are able to comprehend inner structure of film art and hopefully build positive attitude towards it.

Programme coordinator is Maša Seničić scriptwriter from Belgrade.

FILMKULTURA is an organization dedicated to education in the field of audiovisual culture and art, whose goals are education and stimulation of critical thinking. Special focus of the programme is on children and youth, especially their initialization in culture of audiovisual media. The idea is to regain cinema attendance and audiovisual culture in general, but also to theoretically influence audience with knowledge from the referent fields.