ENVIRONMENTAL PANEL DISCUSION: “Biodiversity Protection of Palić and Ludaš“


Public is overwhelmed by multi-decade-long stories about Palić and Ludaš recovery, and just wants to know whether there will be re-flourish of this tourist destination as it was in 19 century when it was known as the spa and the place for fun and relaxation. Since 2016 it is decided, within Eko Dox programme, to establish continuity of panel discussion in the harmonized with “Biodiversity Protection of Palić and Ludaš“ project, the biggest investment supported by the German Government.

Discussion will be preceded by film Past, Present and Future of  Palić and Ludaš, by:

 Michell Rohmann, hydrologist who came to Subotica in 2011 from CIM, programme of German Organization for international Cooperation GIZ, within German – Serbian development cooperation. He is engaged as an advisor at Park Palić company.

Snježana Mitrović, head of TERRA’S association and Regional Arhus Centre at Open University, dedicated her work to environmental protection.

 Nikola Tumbas, local journalist whose camera always shoots most important events. Information treasurer about lakes Palić and Ludaš, (www.subotica.info).