Promotion of Zsigmond Vilmos International Film Festival from Szeged

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Film selection from the
3rd Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival in Szeged
as a part of the cross-border project

FILMY – Film art connects young people

Open University Subotica as an executive producer of the European Film Festival Palić and Szeged Event and Media Center (Szegedi Rendezvény- és Médiaközpont Nonprofit Kft.) as an executive producer of Zsigmond Vilmos* Film Festival are partners in project FILMY – Film art connects young people, realized within Interreg IPA CBC program Hungary – Serbia.
The FILMY project focuses on the development of film audiences and filmmakers in the cross-border region by realizing three sorts of activities: 1. Film education for youth, 2. Development of film clubs in the region, 3. Cooperation of the two film festivals.
26th European Film Festival Palić presents eight feature, short and experimental films from 3rd Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival (
About Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival:
Szeged is the hometown of world famous, Oscar laureate Zsigmond Vilmos, honorary citizen of the town. Built almost a hundred years ago, marvelous Belvarosi Mozi in Szeged is one of the oldest traditional cinema theaters in Hungary. The largest screening hall with five hundred seats, in 2005 was named after Zsigmond Vilmos, which made him very proud. He never missed visiting “his cinema” every time he was in Szeged.
Apart from personal connections, our Film Festival is inspired by the significance of Zsigmond Vilmos for the film art, by his honor and reputation. Quality of his work and his influence on younger generations have the same goals as the Festival – to pay attention to important film co-worker, cinematographer.
“The name of the Festival clearly shows that we look at film art from the cinematographer’s perspective. However, we have learned an important lesson from Vilmos – vision and cinematographer’s work cannot be evaluated separately from other film elements. His work is the best example of this. Realization of cinematographer’s ideas must be in correlation with the director’s intentions and the massage of the film itself. This means that we award not only cinematographers but films as a whole.”
Szabó Gábor HSC, Jury President
*Vilmos Zsigmond, (Szeged, 1930 – Big Sur, California, 2016) was a Hungarian-American cinematographer. His work in cinematography helped shape the look of American movies in the 1970s, making him one of the leading figures in the American New Wave movement. Over his career, he became associated with many leading American directors, such as Robert Altman, Steven Spielberg (AA for Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Brian De Palma, Michael Cimino (BAFTA for The Deer Hunter) and Woody Allen.