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Press Conferences

Forth press conference

At the penultimate press conference (today at noon at Grand Terrace) following guests will be speaking: Margarete Tiesel, actress in PARADISE:LOVE, actresses in BEYOND THE HILLS – Victoria Agache and Gina Tandura, director of VANISHING WAVES, Kristina Buožytė, Russian filmmaker Alexander Vartanov – director of BULLET COLLECTOR, Szabolcs Pálfi and Gergö Kiss, director and co-screenwriter of IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO! and Goran Filipaš, director of CITY BIRDS – THE SWAN.
Promotion of the book “Modern Times“ by Bojan Ž. Bosiljčić will be held at Great Terrace, just after the press conference.

Third press conference

On today’s press conference, at the Great Terace at noon, guests will be: actor from LENA – Niels Gomperts, director of ADALBERT’S DREAM – Gabriel Achim, Alexandra Dahlström, member of jury and director of Sweden film BECAUSE THE NIGHT and Vecsernyes János, director of Hungarian film SUMMER STREET, LAST STATION.

First press conference

First press conference will be held today at noon in „Zvonko Bogdan“ winery. On the first conference journalists will meet: Nikolaj Nikitin selector of Oficial Selection and New Sweden Film program, Petar Mitrić selector of Paralels and Encounters program and Young Spirit of Europe, Festival program director Miroslav Mogorović and His excellency Krister Asp, ambassador of Kingdom of Sweden in Serbia. Journalists will also have an oportunity to talk to this year's winners of „Aleksandar Lifka“ award – Jean-Marc Barr and Zoran Simjanović, and with the winner of „Underground Spirit“ award – Joern Utkilen. Guests of the conference will be actresses in JUST THE WIND - Katalin Toldi and Gyöngyi Lendvai together with member of BARBARA crew Simone Baumann.
A bus to Winery for journalists sets off at 11.30 am from „Mala Gostiona“ restaurant parking lot, and there is an organized transport for return as well.
Wine tasting and „Zvonko Bogdan“ winery tour awaits you