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International critics‘ jury for Parallels and Encounters selection of the 20 jubilee European Film Festival, held at Palic and in Subotica, from 13 to 19 July, was composed of: Irena Bilić (France), the president, Carmen Gray (Great Britain), and Kristina Đuković (Serbia), members.

After they saw 10 films from Parallels and Encounters selection, international critics’ jury has reached following decisions:

AWARD FOR THE BEST FILM is unanimously assigned to Turkish film COLD, directed by Ugur Yücel, „for its poetic, richly layered and daring look at human relations in Turkey through intense performances, rich characterization and impressive cinematography we unanimously award this film“.

SPECIAL MENTION, with the comment that it was very difficult for the members of the jury to make a decision, since several films have impressed them. Finally, they decided to award ME TOO. Once more, Balabanov created a unique poetic world of his own, reflecting turbulent Russian society at the same time.