Parallels and Encounters

Abazija cinema

Firmly established among the most popular sections of EFF, Parallels and Encounters once again presents a snapshot of the current lively film-production scene in eastern and central parts of Europe. We are proud to present ten features (competing for the section’s prize) and three shorts, each of them Serbian premieres. This is a „bakers’ dozen“ of eclectic geographical origin spanning the Baltic (Estonia, Lithuania), the Balkan Peninsula (Albania, Bulgaria), former Soviet republics on the Asian frontier (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan), plus Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and of course EFF Palić’s immediate „neighbour“ Hungary. The 13 films encompass fiction, documentary, and animation, taking in box office smashes, popular titles on the film-festival circuit, award-winners, established eminences, rising stars and some relatively „hidden“ gems which we’ve unearthed over the last twelve months. These films tackle social, political and personal themes with artistic flair and ambitious originality — sometimes deadly serious, sometimes with humor. Buckle up: your trans-European journey starts right here!

programmer Neil Young (co-programmer: Miroslav Mogorović)