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29 th European Film Festival Palić solemnly closed


29 th European Film Festival Palić solemnly closed

The 29 th Festival was closed on Friday, July 22 at the Summer Stage, with the "Aleksandar Lifka" Award ceremony in the category of foreign creators, festival awards to the best European works, as well as the screening of the films "Final Cut" by Michel Hazanavicius and "Pamfir" by Dmytro Sukholitkyy-Sobchuk.

The "Aleksandar Lifka" Award was presented to director Michel Hazanavicius by the program director of the Festival, Miroslav Mogorović, who pointed out that it was a great honor for him to present the Award for the contribution to European cinema to one of today's greatest auteur. Michel Hazanavicius thanked for the Award with the words: "I am very touched and grateful. This is the award for all the creativity and it means a lot to me. I would like to thank the organizers of this festival, not only for the Award, but also for organizing such an event. Thanks also to the audience that comes to watch the films. This kind of manifestation is very important for cinema".

Special Mention of the International Jury of Critics was awarded to the film "Fools" by Tomasz Wasilewski, who thanked the Festival and the jury for this award in a video statement. "I love you and I already miss you," Wasilewski concluded.

The international jury of critics for the best film in the competition program Parallels and Encounters chose "Butterfly Vision" by Maksym Nakonechnyi, who said via video: "Thank you, not only for this award, which is great, but also for giving space to other Ukrainian movies. In times when our culture, identity and bare existence are under threat of elimination, it is a matter of survival. Thank you for this solidarity".

Special Mention of the FIPRESCI Jury was awarded to the film "Pamfir" by Dmytro Sukholitkyy-Sobchuk.

The FIPRESCI award for the best film of the Official Selection went to the film "Rimini" by Ulrich Seidl, and the film's cast - Michael Thomas, Inge Maux and Tessa Göttlicher - received the Award. "I am very glad and honored to be here at Palić. This is my third time here. Last night I sent an appeal to the universe and I received the Award. Ulrich Seidl also sends his regards. I love Palić and I'm glad to be here," said Michael Thomas. "I spoke with Ulrich who told me that he loves this festival and will come again," added Inge Maux.

The Jury of the Official Selection Assigned Special Mention to the film "Gentle" by Anna Nemes and Laszlo Chuja. On behalf of the film crew, the Award was received by the main actor in the film, György Turós, who addressed the audience with the following: "This is a perfect festival and people are very kind. The greatest joy for me was that both the audience and the jury enjoyed the film together. Thank you for the Award and the love you gave us."

Director Dmytro Sukholitkyy-Sobchuk is also the winner of the Palić Tower Award for the best director, for the film "Pamfir". Actress Yelena Khokhlatkina received the Award on his behalf, and the director addressed the audience by the video message: "I really appreciate this award, as well as the opportunity to share good news with my fellow citizens in Ukraine, because right now there have not so many reasons to be happy." I hope that this small drop of goodness will be useful for Ukrainian citizens, who really believe in a better future."

The winner of the Golden Tower for the best film in the Official Selection of the Festival is "R.M.N." by Cristian Mungiu. The director of the award-winning film expressed his gratitude in a written message: "I want to thank the Festival for presenting the film to an international audience." I am extremely glad that the jury rewarded our efforts. I believe that the Award will bring audiences to film screenings in cinemas. I believe in a cinematic story about ordinary people told with passion. R.M.N. is a story of today's world".

At the end of the closing ceremony, Radoslav Zelenović, director of the European Film Festival Palić, addressed the audience, and thanked them for helping the Festival to survive, and announced the upcoming festival edition: "With your help, we have reached number 30. What will happen and how will that festival look like, we shall see. I would like to schedule a meeting for you from July 15 to 21, 2023 at this and all other Festival locations. Welcome!"

This year's edition of the festival, organized by the Open University Subotica, takes place in several locations, including the unique Summer Stage in Palić, as well as the Eurocinema, Abazija and Lifka cinemas. During the pre-festival program and the central part of the event, the audience will be presented with more than 130 films from all over the Europe, in 15 different sections and program units. Most of the films have their Serbian and regional premiere here at Palić. In addition to the rich film program, the audience will be able to enjoy a number of dynamic accompanying contents - concerts, exhibitions, promotions, workshops and master classes.

European Film Festival Palić was supported by the Serbian Ministry of Culture, Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities, the City of Subotica, the European Union through the Creative Europe MEDIA program, as well as numerous partners and media partners.

For more than 20 years sponsor - friend of the European Film Festival Palić is Gorki List, as an unavoidable part of our artistic scenography, but also a partner that encourages the engagement of the audience to explore the experiences of presented films through the Gorki List Audience Award. This year, the traditional cooperation will be extended to the music part of the Festival program.

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