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  • 01:19
Italy 2020
Selection : New European Documentary Film
Director: Silvia Giulietti
Writer: Silvia Giulietti
Genre: documentary
Cast: Lina Wertmüller, Nicola Piovani, Dante Ferretti, Maurizio Millenotti, Ferruccio Castronuovo, Norma Giacchero
Cinematography: Jessica Giaconi, Paolo Oreto
Editing: Silvia Giulietti, Antonello Basso
Soundtrack: Rocco De Rosa
Production: iFrame srl, in association with Libera Università del Cinema
Producer: Silvia Giulietti, Antonio Levesi Cervi, Antonio Follari, Brian Sharpe
Filmography: 2018 The legal death: Giuliano Montaldo talks about the film Sacco and Vanzetti 2015 Partisan Kids 2012 Save Procida 2010 Ethnicus-Babel TV Sky Award IMAF Festival 2010 2008 The hidden angels of Luchino Visconti-Jury Award Noemart Film Festival 2010 2008 Feed The Peace-Human Right Awards 2008 -Winner of Babel TV Award, IMAF Festival 2010
Festivals: 2020 Festa del Cinema di Roma
Enter the world of Federico Fellini. The world behind his camera on the sets and backstages of his films captured by hidden camera and brought to the light after 40 years by Ferruccio Castronuovo. Between 1976 and 1986, Ferruccio made films showing the backstage activity of the Federico Fellini films: City of Women, And the Ship Sails On and Ginger And Fred unveiling a world apart, a city of the imagination, populated by unique characters, which had a life of its own, a veritable Fellinopolis. Back to...

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