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  • 01:17
Czech Republic, Switzerland, Jordan 2020
Selection : Eco Dox
Director: Pavel Borecký
Writer: Pavel Borecký
Genre: documentary
Cinematography: Pavel Borecký
Editing: Pavel Borecký
Soundtrack: Shadi Khries
Sound: John Grzinich
Production: Anthropictures, Center for Strategic Studies, UJ, Institute of Social Anthropology, UNIBE
Filmography: 2018 Devil's Garden 2015 Solaris
Festivals: 2020 Ji.hlava IDFF (official selection) 2021 CPH:DOX (official selection) 2021 Visions du Reel (official selection)
Living Water is an atmospheric journey into the clash between the state of Jordan, agricultural businesses and Wadi Rum indigenous communities over the last abundant source of drinking water. Back to...

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