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Belgium 2020
Selection : New European Documentary Film
Director: Alexis Destoop
Writer: Peter Eckersall, Alexis Destoop
Cast: Erik Lambert
Cinematography: Alexis Destoop
Editing: Laurence Vaes
Soundtrack: Laszlo Umbreit
Production: An Archer A Weaver, Stempel Films, Pikene på Broen
Producer: Alexis Destoop, Luba Kuzovnikova, Erik Lambert
Filmography: 2013, Heroine; 2012, Kairos
Festivals: 2020, International Film Festival Rotterdam; 2020, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
The film is a retro-futuristic science non-fiction, an anthropological document, a travelogue, a poem, a labyrinth. A philosophical investigation of humankind’s relation to its environment. Back to...

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